cocoa j

how scientology won me over:

the other day my girlfran & i went to the scientology centre

to try out their brunch.

i heard their waffles are out of this world!

i know people give scientology a hard time cause like aliens or whatever

but waffles are waffles even if they come from outerspace

and anyway i wanted to decide for myself.


well first of all, everyone was super nice

and the brunch was good.

no waffles were served on this day,

but they did have other stuff like

deviled eggs, shrimp, and pancakes…


but that’s not even the best part.

the best part is, they were having a festival!!

they musta known i was coming

because there were pony rides,


and not one but TWO bounce houses!


i love that stuff!!

boy, they sure got me.

hook, line, & sinker.

i didn’t drink the kool-aid per se

but i sure ate the hell outta that sno-cone.

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b for bel, cocoa j

from over the hill and far away…

look what i got in the mail:


a t-shirt!

it came from my friend b from b for bel

she lives in australia

which, if you think about it, is very far away!

i mean, unless you live in australia.

b really picked the perfect shirt for me,

i never ever wear pants!

the last time i put on pants

i took them right back off

and put on a dress.


you want a shirt like this?

b’s got a bunch of different cute & funny t-shirts

over at her website


oh you know what?

you should get a ‘no pants’ t-shirt too

then we can be all matchy-matchy twinsies 4 life!!!!1

thanks again b!!

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cocoa j

the week is kinda like riding a slide


weeks and slides are basically the same:

the getting to the fun part seems to take so long

and then the fun part is over in an instant!

wtf amirite?


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cocoa j, terry

poor terry, he never learns

member when terry asked to be in a cocoa comic?

here’s a refresher!

i had to kick em in the nuts

plus put em in a cocoa comic.

guess what?

he asked me AGAIN.


some people just never learn!

p.s. terry, i’m real sorry for the head trauma,

but i hope you like the comic!

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cocoa j

now we basically have a pet snail

there’s a snail

who lives outside our place.

we named him slimey.


we try to find him every day.

he’s basically like our new pet snail.

slimey is faster and a little greener than the other snails

(those are his cousins, btw)

that’s how we can tell that it’s him.

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cocoa j

picking what to grow up to be is confusing

when i was real little
i wanted to be a cowgirl when i grew up


but then i grew up a little bit
and realized i wanted to be a ballerina


but i only wanted to be ballerina until
i learned about jane goodall and primates and stuff
then i wanted to be a primate zoologist


now i’m kinda almost grown up
and i’m not even any of those things!

but sometimes i like to put on my cowgirl boots
and my super fancy tutu
and watch some old-timey jane goodall documentaries on vhs

what did you wanna be?!

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