cocoa j

my neighbor gets jealous when i talk to other neighbors

i have a lot of crazy neighbors.
mostly old ladies who like to tell me about stuff.
one of em gets a little possessive
if she sees me talking to anyone else:



then again, sometimes i am the weird neighbor.

please don’t tell anyone.


1 thought on “my neighbor gets jealous when i talk to other neighbors”

  1. I have a weird neighbor when she sees me outside saying hi to other neighbors she gets mad.I’am a friendly person and everyone likes talking to me so that might be the problem.Whenever she see’s me laughing and talking to other neighbors she will try to come out and wave or talk to them but they don’t really like her as they say she is messy and noisy.The thing is she’s constantly trying to call over this neighbor that doesn’t even like her to conversate but ends up looking dumb as that neighbor will say stuff about her to me.I don’t know why jealous people act the fools but they don’t look good to others behaving like that.The thing is that these women tell me why is she trying to be your clone it’s too funny the way she incorporates my daily cleaning and watering of the yard she try’s to copy the way I dress and look she also try’s to copy the way I handle myself or clean up my place she try’s to do the same.I know that the root of it is her Jealousy.If she would learn to be herself and love herself she would not need to run outside waving down these ladies I talk to or soo desperately trying to be me.

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