einstein & chloe

einstein surgery update: SUCCESS!

here’s ein post surgery:


as you can see, he’s not particularly thrilled about the cone,

but at least he’s got a regular heart now!

the doctor says everything went as well as it possibly could have.

that is good news, btw.

i’m so happy i can’t stop screaming.


einstein & chloe

einstein’s gettin a new ticker!

today einstein is getting heart surgery!


after our chloe girl went to feast at the all-u-can-eat buffet in the sky,

ein’s heart started actin mega wonky.

the vet says he basically has a broken heart!

i know, i know:

that’s basically the sweetest saddest thing anyone’s ever heard

in the whole history of sweet sad things.

after the surgery he’s supposed to be 100%.

except j says that ein is still gonna be a lil derpy.

there’s no surgery to fix that.


keep your fingers crossed that the surgery is successful, will ya?

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cocoa j

my neighbor gets jealous when i talk to other neighbors

i have a lot of crazy neighbors.
mostly old ladies who like to tell me about stuff.
one of em gets a little possessive
if she sees me talking to anyone else:



then again, sometimes i am the weird neighbor.

please don’t tell anyone.


cocoa j

i am not accident-prone, i am just a BAMF


look, i get real banged up cause i do lots of cool stuff.

like just recently i scaled a 12 foot fence just to prove to the boys that i could.

sure i got pretty scraped up

(needed all kindsa band-aids)

& the whole time i was screaming


(because i was wearing a dress)

but i successfully conquered that fence.

everyone was super impressed

(but mostly glad i did not fall to my death).

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calli, cocoa j

it is what it is



welp, one thing’s for true is

callsi keeps it the realest.

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