cocoa j, e

don’t forget, hate is a very strong word pt 2

remember when my friend e said she hated bananas

& the banana was all mega sad about it?

(here’s a refresher)

well now she’s taken it to a whole new level!


i mean what the heck did a banana ever do to you?

i love bananas

& i will not have my bffs2g go around

wishing them out of existence all willy nilly!

it’s okay i think she really has come a long way.

she even told me she actually likes banana flavored laffy taffy.

it’s a start!

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two years ago today: dammit! this was sposed to be a surprise <- one of my personal favorites!


2 thoughts on “don’t forget, hate is a very strong word pt 2”

  1. Two things: 1) Banana-flavored Laffy Taffy is some of the best candy. 2) I had these little tiny bananas in Puerto Rico that were way even more delicious than regular bananas.

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