e, mike, sleepy bear

the weekend… is… so… close…


as you can see i’ve had a real busy week.

i am really ready for the weekend!

is it just me or did it feel like this week reallyyyyy dragged along?

at one point on monday i thought it was wednesday.

just imagine my shock and devastation.

there were tears.

manly tears!

wait, no — little cocoa tears.

total lady tears.


oh, P.S. happy birthday to e, my BFFS2G,

she’s a great time, you would love her.

& to my buddy mike,

he’s a cool dude, you would think he was cool.

& to sleepy bear,

one time he fell asleep while we were all watching a movie

that’s why we call him sleepy bear.

(we’re bad at nicknames.)

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einstein & chloe

happy 7th birthday einstein!!!!

today is einstein’s birthday!


i can’t believe my little dude is 7 years old.

this is from when i first met him waaay back when:


i couldn’t believe my luck.

ein’s got a lot of quirks
like he’s got a wonky heart
and one of his balls never dropped.
plus he’s a TERRIBLE driver.
but damn he is a real treasure.

i’d bet a buncha money i don’t have
that even the coldestheartedest person
couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

he’s really somethin else.

happy birthday einstein!!

being your dog-mom makes me the luckiest girl in the world.


& i gotta give a shout out to my dog-angel, chloe margarita joy.
she would’ve unofficiallybutofficially turned 13 today.
i miss her a lot.
happy birthday chloe!

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cocoa j

i am a productive member of society


i mean, sometimes.

sometimes i am a productive member of society.


cocoa j

happy mardi gras!!


have a fun, safe mardi gras everybody!

get all that bad stuff outta your system,

because starting tomorrow

we gotta be good.

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cocoa j, e

don’t forget, hate is a very strong word pt 2

remember when my friend e said she hated bananas

& the banana was all mega sad about it?

(here’s a refresher)

well now she’s taken it to a whole new level!


i mean what the heck did a banana ever do to you?

i love bananas

& i will not have my bffs2g go around

wishing them out of existence all willy nilly!

it’s okay i think she really has come a long way.

she even told me she actually likes banana flavored laffy taffy.

it’s a start!

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cocoa j

cocoa has a dream job, what is your dream job?

i wanna be a fairy in a bad way*


if you know anyone who’s hiring fairies, let me know!

i meet all the qualifications:

i am pretty teensy,

i like glitter

(which is basically like fairy dust if you think about it),

and YOU KNOW i love magic!

what the heck else does a person need to be a fairy?


so what’s your dream job?!

*or a mermaid

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