cocoa j

my resolution is the same every year:

just try to make it until midnight


also, don’t wake up in a cold sweat screaming


baby steps.

happy new year’s everybody!

be safe, has fun, & see ya next yeeeaaaar!

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other stuff that cocoa likes

welp here is a mouse in a dandelion


i have been real bad about posting pitchers around here.

it’s the holidays, ya know? i’ve been away from my tablet & scanner,

catching up on sleeps, loving friends & family,

and eating until i am in physical pain.

next week i’m gonna get back on my game.

but until then,

here are a coupla photos taken by a photograher named Matt Binstead:

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (1)

as you can see, it’s a little mouse who climbed up a dandelion.

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (2)

mouse-on-dandelion-scream-OMFG (3)

i guess there’s not much left to say here except maybe


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cocoa j

k sometimes i am not the boss

ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-1 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-2 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-3 ok-so-i-am-not-always-the-boss-4

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

of course the dvr breaks when j leaves town


yes i am complaining about first world problems.

but c’mon!

j is back home visitin family

& of course the dvr decided to act all wonky.

it deleted all of our shows & now it won’t work anymore!

how am i sposed to watch jeopardy?

don’t you dare tell me to watch it live because


so basically all i been doing is read my book

& take marathon naps.

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seib <3 verrka


i made this pitcher for my fran, seib.

what can i say? he lurrs verrka!

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cocoa j

america: land of the free & home of booty clap


i wanna learn to booty clap

& i’m proud to live in a country that gives me the freedom to try.

it’s all part of the american dream!

you know, house with a picket fence, 2.5 kids, dog in the yard,

& booty clappin like there’s no tomorrow.

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