cocoa j

annnnnnd i found a spider in my boot

i love my cowboy boots!

unfortunately, the weather does not really allow me to wear em often.

but today i dug em outta the back of the closet and put em on.

then i clopped around my apartment, walked einstein down the street,

came back inside and took off my boots.

that’s when a spider fell out.

now i’m gonna do the only thing a person can do in this situation:

spend the rest of my day curled up in a ball,

rocking back and forth

and quietly humming to myself

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

einstein’s thanksgiving feast


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cocoa j

when it comes to t-give i have zero self control



i’m pregnant with a food baby

actually i think it’s twins

(i went for seconds)


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cocoa j

chrimas music on the radio, but it’s 75° out

hard to be chrimassy when it’s sprinkler-jumpin weather!

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cocoa j

cocoa world domination

i either wanna be in charge of the planet

or i wanna GTFO of here and live on the moon.

so what’s it gonna be?

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cocoa j

it’s hump day, do the humpty dance!

wednesday = humpday

it’s only appropriate you do the humpty dance!



♪ do the humpty hump, just watch me do the humpty hump ♪

if you don’t know the humpty dance OR who humpty hump is

here’s a lil video to learn you about such things:

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