cocoa j, einstein & chloe

happy halloweens everybody!


this is einstein in his t-rex costume.

hope all yall have a happy halloween!

eat lotsa candy and have fun.

but also be safe, k?

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cocoa j, terry

cocoa does NOT like when her frans are sad


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cocoa j

cocoa is birthdayed out, yall

sunday was my birthday

& we celebrated the whole dang weekend.

now i think i’m gonna take a nap

until next year.


cocoa j, the fam

sharing is caring, especially birthday months

today is j’s mom’s birthday!

she is a super nice lady

(i mean obviously, because she made j).

we are real good about sharing a birthday month.


happy birthday to j’s mom!

cocoa j

cocoa the muhjishun

i always loved magic.

my big brother used to do that thumb trick

& j knows some spells,

but the rules are: NO BLACK MAGIC.

one time when i went to a magic show

the magician made things float all around him.

then he said “do you wanna know how i did that?”

i was in the front row

& i was like “gasp! noooo!”

(because knowing how would ruin the illusion)

he heard me! that’s when he said:

“oh. okay. well, explaining it was gonna be the rest of my act,

sooooo… i guess i’m done here”

& he walked off stage.

point is:


do you know any tricks?

teach me!

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cocoa j

it’s a week until my birthday & i’m about to explode

trying to contain myself

i love birthdays.

and mines is coming up real fast.

but don’t worry — there’s still time to drop a gift in the mail.

if you’re worried bout what to get me, don’t sweat it!

i’m not picky when it comes to presents.

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