cocoa j

cocoa guide to packing for a trip to LA

my girl tiana is coming to visit me in hollywood this week!!!!!!!!!1

can you tell i am excited?

this is a packing list for a visit to Los Angeles.

you don’t gotta bring a ton of junk, just some essentials.

1. flip flops or sandals: unless you want a sock tan.
2. camera: to take pictures of people who look like celebrities.
3. party pants: because we are gonna party hard.
4. sunglasses: to look cool and also because, ya know, the sun is bright.
5. new liver: if you a got a spare liver lying around, bring it just in case.
6. bathing suit: unless you wanna jump in the ocean with your party pants on.
7. telescope: for serious star-stalking, like peepin’ in their windows!
8. you: duhhhhhhh! you’re gonna feel real silly if you forget you.

p.s. happy birthday, tiana!!

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