cocoa j

cocoa SEO: funny google searches

there are many people who google a term or phrase

that’s completely unrelated to cocoa likes this

& while it’s pretty obvious they were not intending to find the site

they somehow end up here.

i have access to the search terms that people have used to find cocoa.

i wanted to share some funny, extremely irrelevant ones:
picture make me murder
spaghetti justin bieber
no birthdays at work — well that’s just plain RUDE
great ideas for dumb people — i’m only a little offended
ass bicycle — i would like to see that, actually
people don’t kill people, people with mustaches kill people
yelling is caring — zackly. i scream at you because i love you.
corrupt government
mad face with thumbs up on the phone
i’m a boss and your not
born to kill
rude cupcakes — rude or not, i never met a cupcake i didn’t like.
compare belly buttons innie outie
the knife oj simpson used — you…are definitely in the wrong place
do i look like i give a shit
no one loves my birthday — i love your birthday!
justin bieber signature move — what is with all the justy beebee stuff?
boop beep boop go get em champ — i don’t know wtf but i like it!
swearing nanny — most likely came from any number of my former employers
animals which dont have bones — use wikipedia
truck stop urinal
where to smoke and drink in tulsa
its hard being cheesy — so, so hard
true facts about skittles — true facts about skittles: f*** tropical skittles!
really scary sleep — maybe try with the lights on?
peeing road
bear yamaka
pew pew boy
air plain yamakas — clearly i need to brush up on my yamaka knowledge

yeah, i don’t know what the hell is going on around here either.

stay tuned for the next round of funny google searches: the pervert edition!

this was a project inspired by cooking for @$$holes. see his funny google searches here and here.

one year ago today: cocoa sings in the shower


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