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the .GIFt of fan art for b for bel

b for bel is one my favorite websites.

b lives far away from me, but thanks to the internets we are friends.

that’s why i made her this lil .gif

if you like cocoa, i bet you’d like b for bel. peep it!

(kinda) one year ago today: cocoa often ponders sasquatch

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outer space seems like real cool & relaxing

i love outer space.

i wish i could go and float around just like in a lazy river

or some other thing that’s floaty & relaxing.

one year ago today: a peep into cocoa’s workshop

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NEWS FLASH: balloon animals are not just for kids

there was a man twisting balloon animals at the park

so of course i hadda get one!

sure i got a few judgey looks from parents when i was standing in line


(i got a balloon sword!)

besides, who ever said balloons are just for kids, anyway?

same goes for ball pits and bounce houses…

why do children get all the cool fun shit?!

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VIDEO: einstein licking j’s toe for a minute straight

do you want to feel vaguely uncomfortable? it’s your lucky day!

here’s a video of einstein licking j’s foot for about a minute straight.

at first, you’ll be like “aww, that lil guy is only as big as a foot!”

then at about the :20 mark, you’ll be like “why is it still happening?”

by the end you’ll feel like you need to take a shower.

it’s WEIRD!

j hasn’t been able to look ein in the eye ever since.

one year ago today: j has a way with words

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j & i are not particularly fancy but sometimes we try

needless to say we were the classiest patrons at the restaurant

(kinda) one year ago today: j’s burrito revelation:

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don’t ever judge j for his eating habits

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