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how to: customize icons with your own pictures

between drawing comics for fun and writing on the web for work,

i spend a lot of time on my computer.

sometimes looking at the screen can be so monotonous so i jazzed it up

by making my own custom icons for my desktop!

you likey?

i put together a little tutorial for those of you who wanna do it too!

Customizing Your Icons

If you don’t have a program like Gimp or the icon plug-in for Photoshop, you’ll wanna download IcoFX. This program will convert your image into an icon file (.ico) because a regular picture just won’t work. It’s a safe program (promise!), super easy to use, plus free.

You can use anyyy image you want. Pick a picture you have saved on your computer or go crazy on a Google image search. I’m gonna find a picture of J for my J folder. But maybe you want an icon for the folder you keep pictures of your kids? Use a picture of your kids! Work folder? An image of you crying at your desk could be cool. Got a pr0n stash? Your icon could be, like, some boobs or butts or whatever weird stuff you’re into! Then again, if it’s a SECRET stash, you should probably just rename the folder something unassuming like “Old Resumes ’98-’99” and bury it deep somewhere no one will ever find it. A sexy icon would only draw attention to it. Case in point:

Whatever you choose, be sure to save the image as a .PNG file. And don’t forget where you saved it to! I’m gonna use big picture of J’s big head.

Open IcoFX and load up your picture of choice. It’ll ask you some questions.

Don’t be scared, everything’s gonna be okay. No need to resize the image because the higher the resolution, the better. If you want to crop it, crop it, but if not, just click “OK” and you should see your image pop up. All you gotta do is save it as an .ico file.

Find the icon of the file or program you’d like to change. Right click and scroll down to Properties.

Click! You should see a tab labeled Customize. The Change Icon option is listed at the bottom of this tab.

Then click Browse

…and find the icon you want to use. This is where you have to remember where you saved that .PNG file back in IcoFX.

Next just click Apply

and your new little icon should pop up!

See? Easy! So easy in fact, even a Cocoa can do it.

K, now I wanna see your customized icons!

For a Mac, peep the tutorial at Color Me Katie.

7 thoughts on “how to: customize icons with your own pictures”

  1. NOOOOOOO!!!! Now I know what j looks like! But I pictured him with a curly super villian mustache! *single tear* (ps thanks for the tut)

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