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how to: customize icons with your own pictures

between drawing comics for fun and writing on the web for work,

i spend a lot of time on my computer.

sometimes looking at the screen can be so monotonous so i jazzed it up

by making my own custom icons for my desktop!

you likey?

i put together a little tutorial for those of you who wanna do it too!

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cocoa j

cocoa is a little soda junkie

i love soda pop. i haven’t had any in like a whole week!

it’s starting to wear on me.

do you got a favorite kinda soda?

i do. ALL OF THEM.

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to my little sister on her 16th birthday

click the image to make it, ya know, legible and stuff

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cocoa j

i’mma laundromat n00b

i hadda use the laundromat to do laundry this week.

the lady who owns the place gave me a present for bein a first time customer.

i know you’re wonderin what she gave me…

it’s some kinda stretchy exercise cord thingy.

i’m not positive what it is, the directions are in korean.

but who cares? free shit is free shit is free shit!

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cocoa j, terry

what does it take to be in a cocoa comic?

jk yall this only applies to terry.

everbody knows you just gotta gimme some inspirado.

then you will magically find yourself in a comic. see? easy!

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