cocoa j

all i wanna do is make the rockin world go round

alternate title: i will use any excuse to not work out.

on the way to the gym I pass at least 6 donut shops. yes, LA’s got a ton of em. more than any other city, in fact! (I actually don’t know that for a fact, but I’m gonna stand by that until someone tells me otherwise.) when I was workin out the other day, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I’d rather be doing. like eating donuts for example.

also: sleeping, watching tv, writing a letter to my congressperson, driving my car off a cliff. basically anything that entails not working out. THEN one of the tastiest jams started to play from the gym’s speakers: Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.

that’s when i decided to get my shit together and GTFO.

okay — the truth is, I waited until the song was over. THEN I left.


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