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to my bffs2g on her wedding day

today my best friend forever since 2nd grade is getting married

what you can’t see is me, just out of shot.

i am real bad at weddings. i always cry. HARD.

alright — i’ll show you, but it ain’t pretty.

see? embarrassing.

congratulations morgan & elizabeth!!

i love you both & i’ll try to be on my best behavior today.

well, until the reception… that’s when i’m gonna go balls out.



cocoa j

way to kill no. 88: electrocution

the catch is to convince them to take a relaaaaaxing bath.

then toss a toaster in there and  zzzzZZZT!!

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cocoa j

i am well known in my apartment building

the other day when i was out, i ran into a lady who apparently lives in my building.

wow, way to put me on the spot, but…
yes, the answer is yes.

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cocoa j

way to kill no 21: the choke out

be sure to choke em till their eyes roll back in their head.

otherwise they will regain consciousness & things get awkward.

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cocoa j

now i am under neighborhood watch

sometimes when j and i go for a walk i run away and hide somewhere.

like around a corner, behind a mailbox, up in a tree, under a truck.

cept this last time i was hiding in my neighbor’s bushes.

turns out he was sitting on his front deck

& was real weirded out about me sneaking around in his yard.

i was all

“can we have this conversation later? you’re really blowin up my spot”

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cocoa j

i only go to parties for the food

i thought someone said there was gonna be pizza which is the only raisin i came in the first place

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