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today i am the most proud of j

as you prolly know, j the king of the interwebs & today he wrote his ten-thousandth article! that’s not a typo. it’s the number 10 with at least three zeros after it. so of course, i am real proud of him. i’m just not the best at expressing it, ya know?

i… kinda feel like i din’t get my point across quite like i meant it.

aw hell, forget it — CONGRATULATIONS J!!!!

one year ago today:  just a plain cheese pizza will do, thanks

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TRUTH: i am real bad at the make-up thang

this is like, one of the many raisins why i need my girl Stephie L.

(kinda) one year ago today: j is one of those random impulse buyers

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way to kill #3: get stabby

ground rules for stabbin someone to death:

ALWAYS stab from the front. the back is just rude and only for the cowardly

one year ago today: cocoa lives her life searchin for 90s sitcom actors

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it’s NEVER pizza’s fault

rule number one of pizza: NEVER blame the pizza

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is anyone else still recovering from st. patty’s?

i am not irish but i musta thought so.

(kinda) one year ago today: for sleepy bear’s sake, thank god it’s friday

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i only think terry is messed up because j tells me so

j tells terry thangs:

but he leaves out real important facts:

one year ago today: the dogs think cocoa is crazy when she is dancing

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