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TRUTH: i am real bad at the make-up thang

this is like, one of the many raisins why i need my girl Stephie L.

(kinda) one year ago today: j is one of those random impulse buyers

cocoa j

way to kill #3: get stabby

ground rules for stabbin someone to death:

ALWAYS stab from the front. the back is just rude and only for the cowardly

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three years ago today i signed up with wordpress and posted my first pitcher. now look at me — 697 pitchers and counting! thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and threatened me over the years to keep on drawlin. take a sec to peep through the archives and see how far cocoa’s come! she’s nearly a grown ass woman. it’s unbleevable.

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one year ago today: cocoa likes this is 2 years old today!

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i got carded at the adult toy store

i went to some adult toy shops to find party favors for

my bffs2g’s bachelorette party.

several of these places asked to see my ID.

boy i bet he was real embarrassed when he saw i am of age!

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