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seib knows how to charm a lady

before you get a hair cut, run it by seib first.

he will have an opinion about it.


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so many birthdays, so lil time

if i drew a comic for every single one of my fran’s birthdays that happens this week, i’d have to change the name of the site to somethin like COCOA LIKES BIRTHDAYS (& THAT’S BOUT IT). just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue and plus, i like lotsa other thangs in addition to my unhealthy love of birthdays. so all you birthday folks can share this one pitcher and you’ll like it!!!!!!!!!

i love all yall equally.

eat lots of cake & have someone else buy all your dranks


one year ago today: sometimes people say thangs that don’t make sense

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musta been that 4th shot of tequila…

steve, if you’re reading this: SORRY.

i promise i won’t cut your breaks, so please return my calls, kthx.

let this be a lesson to us all.

one year ago today: j is a man after cocoa’s own ice creamed heart

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happy birthday chloe & einstein!

today i celebrate two of my favorite people, chloe & einstein.

6 years ago today, einstein was born.

one of his greatest accomplishments is having the biggest, baddest smell attached to such a tiny body. i don’t know how he does it, but it’s really impressive.

we celebrate chloe’s birthday today, too, since we don’t exactly know when chloe was born. but we have decided that she was definitely born at some point and time.

and i’m really glad she was born. she’s a really classy lady and she doesn’t look a day over 8.


one year ago today: today is einstein & chloe’s birthday!!!

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mardi gras! show your teeties, get joo-ree

one year ago today: on president’s day: a tribute to cocoa’s favorite one

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real housewives of beverly hills: a hazard to boners

i hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR

one year ago today: this is tyson destroying cocoa’s faith in humanity:

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