cocoa j, einstein & chloe

it’s just part of the chloe experience

annnnd just be glad it wasn’t einstein. his breff is f’real toxic.

one year ago today: cocoa’s sleep walking/talking plagues j

cocoa j

sometimes i need to get my dreams off my chest

wow, that felt really good to get off my chest. i been feeling real bad about it.

but for some raisin i think he’s been avoiding me ever since.

one year ago today: cocoa has violated all the new year resolutions

cocoa j

i would like to be taller than someone

sometimes i argue with strangers bout who is taller.

we all want what we can’t have & i wanna be tall.

it's just her hat that's confusing the issue
cocoa j, the fam

your gramma likes you more than anyone does

if you ever feel like nobody cares bout you, you musta forgot bout your gramma. no matter how long it’s been since you called her, i guarantee she will squeal with delight just to hear your voice.

you can prolly tell where i get my good looks from

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