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robrobrobrob is the king of lawrence

graham & i got the VIP hook ups

not to brag or nothin, but i also know the king of the internets, too. so there’s that.

one year ago today: word wizardress: givin new meaning to “hot cocoa”

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cocoa was outta town, j barely survived

one year ago today: a puddle can entertain cocoa for a few minutes*

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happy hanukkah ever-one!

put on your yamaka & get this party started!

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ein & i have been traveling

einstein can fly with me on the plane. he just has to stay in a tiny carrier that fits under the seat in front of me. the thing is, he is not crazy about being inside that lil case so he peeps his head out, like so:


for all yall travelin for the holiday, stay safe and be grateful you’re not in a box.

one year ago today: cocoa is santa’s lil helper, see?

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i got some serious crafting in the works

do you recognize these construction paper people?

one year ago today: so what if cocoa can fit inside her stocking?

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today i’m going to a futurama table read

remember cocoa, just don't say anythin stupid

one year ago today: j got so enraged his contact lens popped clean out

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