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terry, ya dun goofed

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don’t forget, you still gotta be good

even with the extra day from leap year, you still gotta act good. OR ELSE.

one year ago today: word wizardress pt 2: “cocoa butter”

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if einstein is in public, this is inevitable:

rinse & repeat with every one of the bajillionty people in the general vicinity.

one year ago today: it’s cold outside, you gotta keep warm somehows!


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happy holidays from cocoa’s home to yours

hope your holidays are filled with all your favorite thangs

one year ago today: cocoa wishes you the merriest of christmases

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is this a trick question? can i say yes?

who are you and what did you do with j? he is the ultimate secret keeper

one year ago today: mistletoe: easy way to trick j into kissing all the time

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LIES: the cabbie told me he dint even like candy

one year ago today: chloe & einstein want to be santa’s helpers, too

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