cocoa j

don’t forget, you still gotta be good

even with the extra day from leap year, you still gotta act good. OR ELSE.

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

if einstein is in public, this is inevitable:

rinse & repeat with every one of the bajillionty people in the general vicinity.

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cocoa j

LIES: the cabbie told me he dint even like candy

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cocoa j, graham, robrobrobrob

robrobrobrob is the king of lawrence

graham & i got the VIP hook ups

not to brag or nothin, but i also know the king of the internets, too. so there’s that.

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cocoa j, einstein & chloe

ein & i have been traveling

einstein can fly with me on the plane. he just has to stay in a tiny carrier that fits under the seat in front of me. the thing is, he is not crazy about being inside that lil case so he peeps his head out, like so:


for all yall travelin for the holiday, stay safe and be grateful you’re not in a box.

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