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j is basically a cocoa hog

one year ago today: cocoa’s beauty queen reign is over

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the best part about christmas cookies:


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einstein has a bow-tie for every occasion

this is ein in his t-give attire

hope ever-body had a wonderful thanskgiving! please don’t get trampled at any black friday sales!

one year ago today: what is lil cocoa thankful for?

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cocoa won the spoon lottery


when j & i were on vacation, we ordered room service. it was fancy!

the best part was when i opened my napkin…

SIX — YES, 6 — spoons fell out!

i felt like the luckiest girl in the world. i couldn’t even bleeve it!

meanwhile, however…

j got ZERO spoons.

so i gave all my silverwares to j and ate with my hands.

the end.

one year ago today: cocoa’s neighb has 4 dogs; that’s too many

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why can’t my job be going on vacation?

i'm soooo good at it

(kinda) one year ago today: TYPICAL! j spoils cocoa with nice thangs

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einstein is having an identity crisis

one year ago today: cocoa’s bad dogs will beg for ANYTHING

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