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dangit, i just destroyed an entire village

i will never forgive myself for this

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sometimes it’s hard to think of somethin to drawl

elle karel <= BFFS2G’s pretty pitcher website

one year ago today: j is a hero among beetles

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cocoa’s most ticklish spots revealed

note: please do not use this diagram to your advantage

one year ago: morgan prefers a self-given nickname

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interviewing 101: know your strenths

lots of it

one year ago today: chloe is one sick puppy, so to speak

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oh no. i’m goin to jail now, huh?

a lil girl in the neighborhood thinks I am her age :/

why don’t I have the courage to tell her I’m a grown up? maybe if I finally came clean, she would quit with the pizza party invites (I have a hard enough time turning down pizza as it is and I’m running out of excuses).

(kinda) one year ago today: j makes the darndest toasts

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j likes to wake up early; cocoa does not

(i do not really have a race car bed, but boy do i want one!)

one year ago today: thursday is always just gettin in the way of friday

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