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the coolest big brother a cocoa could axe for

one year ago today: today is cocoa’s big brother’s birthday

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i am not a pixel

i am at least 1 pixel wide and 3 pixels tall

one year ago today: cocoa likes picking out new fancy dresses

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nothing is keepin me from the park today

this day is a perfect day for a stroll in the park

(kinda) one year ago today: cocoa: hider in the linen closet


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cocoa’s modeling limitations

my cuteness overpowers any sessiness i have to offer

one year ago today: the worst comedy show ever.

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we basicallyyy won the lottery is the thing

one year ago today: cocoa’s new friend: we got a lot in commons

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doggy love is one of the best kinda loves there is

sometimes you gotta let em give you all the love they got (or they will explode)

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