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lack of pillows = lack of sleeps

*not including j

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for the furbabes: crunchy peanut butter dog treats

Einstein & Chloe are pretty bad dogs, like, 67% of the time. He licks his lil dog-butt in front of guests, she shamelessly snores louder than a grampa. We’re always reminding them that we will not hesitate to trade them to gypsies in exchange for a new set of pots & pans (we need new pans in a bad way, see). But lately (>40%) they have been pretty okay, so I decided to spoil them with some homemade dog treats. I found this bomb-ass recipe at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. Since the treats are made out of people-friendly ingredients, you can even have one too (if you like the taste of gourmet dog food, like j does)! If you’re lucky enough to know a good doggy or two, go ahead and make their day: find the recipe here!

Einstein & Chloe waiting patiently (!!!!!!!) to eat their treats.

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cocoa j, tyson

tyson doesn’t even know what a potato skin is

lemme guess -- you never even been to TGIFridays either

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cocoa j

if you talk about your junky shoes on the internets someone will buy you new ones!

there's nothin like getting new shoes and screaming about it at the top of your lungs