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cocoa: world traveler

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j is desperately trying to figure out what cocoa is making him for his upcoming birthday

what he doesn't know is i been plantin false evidence to throw him off the trail

one year ago today: OK – what did you lil dogs do this time?

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lack of pillows = lack of sleeps

*not including j

one year ago today: BEEP-BOOP: when you got nothin to say

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for the furbabes: crunchy peanut butter dog treats

Einstein & Chloe are pretty bad dogs, like, 67% of the time. He licks his lil dog-butt in front of guests, she shamelessly snores louder than a grampa. We’re always reminding them that we will not hesitate to trade them to gypsies in exchange for a new set of pots & pans (we need new pans in a bad way, see). But lately (>40%) they have been pretty okay, so I decided to spoil them with some homemade dog treats. I found this bomb-ass recipe at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. Since the treats are made out of people-friendly ingredients, you can even have one too (if you like the taste of gourmet dog food, like j does)! If you’re lucky enough to know a good doggy or two, go ahead and make their day: find the recipe here!

Einstein & Chloe waiting patiently (!!!!!!!) to eat their treats.

one year ago today: when cocoa goes to the Renegade craft fair

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tyson doesn’t even know what a potato skin is

lemme guess -- you never even been to TGIFridays either

(kinda) one year ago today: sometimes einstein acts just like j

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j & cocoa at the beginning of time:

ooga graag! me like j.

one year ago today: cocoa believes anyone can be a superhero

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