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it’s summer! time to eat off a stick!

note: you don't HAVE to be 10 & in an elementary school cafeteria to enjoy them

one year ago today: for your tuesday: a yummy cupcake post

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j has a way with words

see? romance isn't dead

one year ago today: practicin scientific observation: part 2

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netflix did me all kindsa wrong

the verdict is still out as to who is responsible for putting it on our queue in the first place


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cocoa's dad is deaf so this is how we say "i love you"

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j’s burrito revelation:

the question is: big burrito or tiny head?

one year ago today: lotsa cocoa’s friends got glasses and beards!

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cocoa resents the day between humpday & friday

when it comes to thursdays, i have a flare for the dramatic

one year ago today: juuuuust so you know… this is BaioWolf

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