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cocoa often ponders sasquatch

i bet he likes sunflowers & reading science fiction

one year ago today: more exciting than soccer: thumb wrastlin

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robrobrobrob is doing some rebranding

i'll call you anything you want, just don't call me late for dinner

one year ago today: k now you’re just begging me to sass you

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a peep into cocoa’s workshop:

what you can't see is ein & chloe lying just off-camera, snoring loudly

(kinda) one year ago today: big deal: cocoa lets j try her ice creams

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cocoa’s biggest fan:

if you like cocoa even a fraction as much as j does, TWITTER or FACEBOOK her!

one year ago today: it’s a “yaaa ha ha he he heee” kinda laugh

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reality tv makes me wanna smash my tv

now look what you've done, you made me smash my tv!

one year ago today: fun fact: cocoa & calli love to scream*

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