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j will only do one chore

one year ago today: memorial day: you know what that means?!

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brings a whole new level of satisfaction when screamin TGIF in your co-workers' faces

one year ago today: cocoa hates bein sick/make it stop

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the toy shoppe is having a store-wide 25% off sale

she who dies with the most toys wins

one year ago today: if you don’t got lots goin on, ya get nosy

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laundry day = bad day for outfits

not proud, just honest

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cocoa climbs on stuff to be able to reach real high

it's best not to startle a person when she is balancing on a tower of chairs & stools

one year ago today: free dranks make us lose our tiny minds

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pizza + chocolate milk = gurgly stomach

how do two delicious things go so very badly together?

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