cocoa j


brings a whole new level of satisfaction when screamin TGIF in your co-workers' faces

one year ago today: cocoa hates bein sick/make it stop

cocoa j

the toy shoppe is having a store-wide 25% off sale

she who dies with the most toys wins

one year ago today: if you don’t got lots goin on, ya get nosy

cocoa j

pizza + chocolate milk = gurgly stomach

how do two delicious things go so very badly together?
cocoa j, mickookoo, the fam

oh lordy: cocoa’s baby sister turns 15 today

but enough about me -- happy birthday!

one year ago today: it is cocoa’s big-little sister’s birthday!!!

cocoa j

don’t forget to carpe this diem everybody!

c'mon it's not like you're gonna be usin it!

one year ago today: cocoa is going far away for a couple days