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don’t spoil yer birthday with arguin; STFU & party!

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sometimes people say thangs that don’t make sense


one year ago today: if it’s cold…

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j is a man after cocoa’s own ice creamed heart

raisin #732 of why cocoa thinks so highly of j.

one year ago today: the first plank in cocoa’s political platform

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this is what kindred spirits look like

one year ago today: cocoa’s worst nightmare, realized:

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today is einstein & chloe’s birthday!!!

yes, we will use any excuse to eat cake & ice creams all day.

one year ago today: cocoa and calli get down to business

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on president’s day: a tribute to cocoa’s favorite one

instead of pockets, he kept all his thangs in his stovepipe hat! he's soooo cool.

bout one year ago today: for the last time, cocoa and nicko do brunch

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