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chloe & einstein want to be santa’s helpers, too

next time, just lay around and smell butts like usual, k?

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word wizardress: givin new meaning to “hot cocoa”


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a puddle can entertain cocoa for a few minutes*


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we never, never met a margarita we din’t like

but jumbos are our favorite, obvi.

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cocoa is santa’s lil helper, see?

if you need someone to eat your candy, you know who to call!

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lady bug + sprinkles = cocoa is screaming right now

personally, cocoa would classify this video as Not Safe For Work (NSFW). specifically because your boss prolly doesn’t want you screaming at your desk at the top of your lungs as a result of the overwhelming cute factor of a lady bug playing with sprinkles. (EEEEE!) however, if you don’t give a dang about your job or are killing time in the privacy of the employee bathroom, watch and scream away.

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