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cocoa’s gettin things checked off the to-do list of life

kickin ass, takin names, etc.

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cocoa’s beauty queen reign is over

celebrate! cocoa doesn't hafta wear lotsa make-ups and extensions no more!

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what is lil cocoa thankful for?

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did someone order up a holiday weekend?

lotsa time to eat, watch footballs, & shop til you don't got any money left

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cocoa’s neighb has 4 dogs; that’s too many

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speaking of candy joo-ree — ATOMIC DOG

this is a cocoa fan slash kindred spirit who makes fun, kooky jewelry! she got all kindsa cute thangs such as: cake rings, beer earrings, googly eyeball pins, a unicorn necklace perfect for your BFFS2G, et cetera, et cetera.

you can find all her sweet thangs on etsy, HERE. well, check er out already!

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