for cocoa’s birthday, j gifted rock band!

j & cocoa's virtual rock band.



  1. Natalie Phillips said

    Hi Cocoa! I just happened upon your website and laughed my bum off! I feel like we are kindred spirits! :) Because you’re such a teensy tiny ball of fluffy adorable, I wanted to offer you a little discount in a shop I have on etsy that I think you might like. I don’t know if it’s your kind of thing or not, but I sell lots of ridiculously stupid earrings and necklaces. Most of them are of cupcakes and candy, or other bright and yummy things like ice cream. They are good quality and make good gifts. They all have lots of bright colors including pink (which seems to be your favorite- and mine too!) I wanted to say that if you are ever interested in purchasing something from me, I can give you an automatic 50% discount. Just buy the items and under the section that says “Sellers notes” just write “cocoa likes this”. and the discount will be in the form of an immediate refund directly to your paypal account. No pressure to buy, I just wanted to offer something in return for all the adorable laughs on your site! My shop address is:
    Keep on making drawings and giving me giggle-fits!

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