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the .GIFt of fan art for b for bel

b for bel is one my favorite websites.

b lives far away from me, but thanks to the internets we are friends.

that’s why i made her this lil .gif

if you like cocoa, i bet you’d like b for bel. peep it!

(kinda) one year ago today: cocoa often ponders sasquatch

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j’s got his own language, no big deal

man i bet in some alternate universe j is the king and friturday is the day of the week where everyone worships him. and it’s always happy hour.

one year ago today: cocoa climbs on stuff to be able to reach real high

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cocoa in felt form

member those felt education sets from when you was a kid? i made one of cocoa!

now alls i need is a felt version of j, a cocktail and a tree to sit under & i’m set!

one year ago today: the kinda thang you encounter at Venice Beach:

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i got some serious crafting in the works

do you recognize these construction paper people?

one year ago today: so what if cocoa can fit inside her stocking?

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a peep into cocoa’s workshop:

what you can't see is ein & chloe lying just off-camera, snoring loudly

(kinda) one year ago today: big deal: cocoa lets j try her ice creams

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cocoa shows calli her vast apron collection

when cocoa put all the aprons on at one time, calli needed a breather

one year ago today: loo is a home-made ice creams champion

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loo is like a fancy magician

my favorite kinda magician is the kind that whips up tasty snacks

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valentine making can be dangerous

now take me to the hospital.

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